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Oskar Blues brews specialty lager for race

Runner-friendly 5% ABV beer to debut at the race and benefit charity.

Oskar Blues is known for sponsoring beer-themed races, such as the Beer Relay at Burning Can and other beer festivals.

They’re adding another beery twist with the debut of a specialty 4-Mile Lager at the upcoming Oskar Blues 4-Miler; the beer is brewed and released just for this race.

The runner-friendly 5% ABV beer will benefit the Cindy Platt Boys and Girls Club of Brevard. Winners of the March 5th race will also take home beer steins.

With their entry, runners get a beverage from Oskar Blues, T-shirt, live music, pastries from Bracken Mountain Bakery,  awards from Mud Dabbers Potter.  Online registration can be found here.

Oskar Blues has become known for hosting running events featuring beer. In 2015, they created The Beer Relay with six hours (!) of trail running around a 5K trail loop overlooking waterfalls and the Rocky Mountains.


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