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Pairing: ballpark classics and beer
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Pairing: ballpark classics and beer

Fries and a Belgian tripel? Well, we can dream.
Home Beer Pairing: ballpark classics and beer

These classics? A total home run.

Nachos & Kölsch:  If your tortilla chips are drowning in irresistibly thick, creamy cheese, toss a life ring to the crisp, corny flavor with an equally crisp and corny kölsch. The beer’s lively effervescence and clean finish easily wash away the gooey goodness.

Pretzel & German Pilsner: In a pairing as natural as baseball and summer, a German pilsner’s grainy malts extend seamlessly into the bread of the pretzel; salt punctuates the flavor before the beer’s bold bitterness whisks the doughy bite away.

Fries & Belgian Tripel: Chances are the only triples at the ballpark will be on the diamond, but in our field of dreams, this peppery, lemony beer sweeps away grease and brightens up the starch.

Peanuts & American Brown Ale: A straightforward brown ale and simple bag of peanuts throw an exciting curveball in this pairing: The beer’s sweet chocolate and rich, toasted notes meld deftly with the nutty, dry shell and salty peanut flavors, creating an intricate flavor profile.

Hot Dog & American Pale Ale: A peppy pale ale with hops that lean green (think onion and grass) amps up vegetal notes in the relish, while countering sweet, tart condiments like mustard and ketchup. The beer’s bready malt backbone latches onto the bun, while its firm bitterness cleans up the bite.

[Photo by Ed Rudolph, styling by Marcella Capasso]


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