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Pairing beer with pantry staples

Pair your preserved food with what’s left in your fridge and feast until the storm’s over.
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Photo by Ed Rudolph / Styling by John Anthony Galang

Photo by Ed Rudolph / Styling by John Anthony Galang

When it’s frigid and snowy, forage in your pantry for food with staying power and a reminder of garden flair.

Kimchee & IPA
This sharply spicy cabbage- and radish-based dish supercharges an IPA that leans piney/garlicky/oniony; juicy, tropical hops will certainly clash. The beer’s bitterness bristles the tongue and tones down the spice.

Spiced Apples & Russian Imperial Stout
Spiced apples (often made with rum and cinnamon) sparkle amid a big stout’s chocolate, coffee and roast flavors. The booziness and spice of both the apples and the stout warm the throat (and soul).

Sweet Gherkins & Saison
The sugary, cinnamony gherkin pickle finds a companion in the bright, lemony notes of a saison; crackerlike malts round out the pair while the sip’s dry finish cleans up the bite.

Pickled Beets & American Wild Ale
While the beet’s vinegar notes connect with the tart snap of a wild ale, the soft, earthy taproot grounds the bite. Barnyard funk floats through the pair, creating lovely garden goodness.

Carrots & English Barleywine
No need to sprinkle brown sugar on these carrots; an English barleywine’s sweet caramelized malt flavors, brown sugar and molasses easily sweeten the sunny staple.

Blueberry Preserves & Bourbon Barrel-Aged Porter
Sweet blueberry preserves slathered on toast connect with the beer’s rich vanilla and  sticky bourbon notes. The sip’s chocolate elevates the dessert appeal, while ashy roast steers a clean finish.

Salsa & Czech Pale Lager
Your tortilla chip is really just a salty vehicle for the salsa’s tomato and heat; give it a boost with the crackery malts of a Czech pilsner that will bolster the carbs and temper the heat.

Green Olives & Gose
The salty olive draws out the beer’s salinity, while the tart interplay makes this a harmonious match. Try blue cheese-stuffed olives for even more  flavor complexity.


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