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Pairing: beer & crostini

Crostini are so simple (just bread and two ingredients!), and now beer pairing them is, too.

Food styling by Marcella Capasso; Photo by Ed Rudolph for DRAFT

Food styling by Marcella Capasso; Photo by Ed Rudolph for DRAFT

For your next fête, try these crispy, simple apps (just bread plus two ingredients! It really doesn’t get any easier.) with beers to match. The base for your DIY crostini? Slice a baguette into 1/4-inch pieces, brush with olive oil and bake 10 to 15 minutes at 350 degrees F, turning once.

vanilla yogurt & honey with vanilla porter
Soft, round vanilla connects the liquid to the bite, while the beer’s chocolate and roast take the pair from sweet to luscious.

pear & gorgonzola with Belgian tripel
A pear’s soft fruitiness gets a lift from the sugary, lemony tripel; the beer’s spicy alcohol and dry finish slice the tangy blue cheese for a clean finish.

prosciutto & mascarpone with gose
A gose’s salt note harmonizes with the buttery mascarpone and the salty cured meat, while its tart lemon adds a contrasting snap.

olives & feta with American wild ale
Tart olive and tangy feta find kindred pucker in a sour ale, while the beer’s acidity deftly cuts the olives’ oil and bitterness.

lox & cream cheese with rauchbier
Smoked salmon finds a perfect, smoldering companion in a smoked beer’s campfire malts; the beer’s caramel notes team with velvety cream cheese for round sweetness.

strawberry & ricotta with Belgian witbier
A witbier’s lemon tartness augments the fruity strawberry without overwhelming the quiet, milky ricotta. A dash of coriander adds a pleasant earthy accent.

steak & horseradish sauce with amber ale
In this robust pairing, an amber ale’s soft caramel malts sink into the meat sweetness; an amped- up version’s peppery hops connect with spicy horseradish.

tomato & pesto with cream ale
The fresh basil, oil and tomato are a perfect trio; a simple cream ale sings beneath the bold flavors and draws out more of the crisp bread.


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