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Pairing: Beer & tropical fruit

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Cheese and chocolate are pairing party musts, but adding sliced fruit brings island flavor to the table.

Papaya + Scotch ale
A wee heavy turns up the volume on understated, fleshy papaya: Sugary notes in both connect before the beer’s warm toffee rounds off the swallow.

Mango + chili beer
Love mango salsa? Then this match is a no-brainer: The heat meets sweet when a fleshy, fruity mango takes on fresh green chili pepper.

Kiwi + Berliner weisse
It’s tart overdrive when limelike kiwi meets a Berliner weisse, but the fruit’s earthy flesh quickly comes to the foreground, giving the duo a new dimension.

Banana + dunkelweizen
A dunkelweizen’s candylike banana esters get a fresh, green lift from the real thing; the dark wheat base easily supports all the banana power.

Pineapple + black IPA
Pineapple acidity keeps hop bitterness in check; couple bright, fruity sweetness with dark roast, and this is easily dessert.


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