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Pairing beer with fast food

Pairing beer with fast food

Your French fries deserve a Flanders red. Seriously.
Home Beer Pairing beer with fast food

You can get in and out of the drive-thru in seconds, but don’t devour your meal in the car: Enhance the experience at home with a beer that insists you take a minute and enjoy it.

Burger King Whopper & Scotch Ale
A Scotch ale’s caramelized malt and wisps of peat smoke add some grill-inspired goodness to the patty; barely-there hops ensure the sip doesn’t clash with the vegetal and zingy tastes of pickles, onion and mayo.

Wendy’s Frosty & Robust Porter
This beloved frozen dessert is downright luscious when sweet, creamy chocolate meets a robust porter’s sturdy roast and coffee notes.

KFC & Belgian Dubbel
KFC’s chicken is gut-bustingly rich with juicy meat and crisp, buttery skin; add a complex dubbel’s caramel, fig and raisin sweetness to drum up a pairing reminiscent of a holiday meal.

McDonald’s French Fries & Flanders Red
If you’re the sort that dips your fries in malt vinegar, then this pairing will be oh-so-familiar: a Flanders red has vinegary tartness that’s a stellar contrast to salty starch.

Taco Bell Crunchy 
Taco & Chile Beer
The taco’s earthy corn shell and sweet meat connect with the bready malts in lighter-hued chile beers (we recommend Ballast Point Habanero Sculpin);  but, really, it’s all about the beer’s heat accelerating the spice from mild to caliente with one big swig.


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