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Pairing: Soup and beer

As the temperature starts to dip, it’s time to serve yourself a bowl of comfort. Pair it with the right pint, and you’ll feel downright cozy.
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French Onion & Red IPA
Sweet, soft onion suspended in a warm, toasty broth finds its perfect match in an IPA with an amped-up malt bill. Seek a brew with some onionlike hop flavors to draw out the onion in the soup; in any version you try, the style’s pronounced, bready malts easily temper the saltiness, like a piece of toast on the side.

Creamy Tomato & Schwarzbier
A black lager’s calling card is its roast: That rumbling, dark note is a lovely complement to vivid, tart tomato. Plus, the sip’s lively bubbles whisk the creamy soup away to a simple, snappy finish.

Chicken Noodle & Cream Ale
This classic comfort, with its salty broth, subtle carrot sweetness and quiet, earthy celery, calls for a demure companion to keep its delicate flavors at the fore. In this case, a slightly corny cream ale turns the sweetness up just a touch, while its effervescence sweeps the tongue clean.

Broccoli Cheese & Vienna Lager
A Vienna lager’s toasted breadcrust underscores all of the yummy, gooey goodness in a bowl of broccoli cheese soup. Its crisp carbonation and clean finish readies your palate for the next sumptuous spoonful.

Black Bean & Hoppy American Wild Ale
Black bean soup is a hearty, starchy spoonful; brighten it up with a light-treading, dry-hopped wild ale. A tart limey burst lifts the earthy soup (and lends Mexican appeal) while a touch of bitterness clips the finish clean.


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