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Pairs: Beer & sushi rolls

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It’s raw delight when you find a brew to match your roll.

Yellowtail roll & Affligem Blond
With its metallic but subtle fishy flavor, the yellowtail roll requires a mellow beer to evolve (and not overtake) the bite: This Belgian blond brings a welcome touch of sweetness, while peppery yeast adds a little spice and cleans up the palate.

Spicy tuna roll & Samuel Adams Wee Heavy
It’s true gusto when this roll’s spice connects with the beer’s smoke; the flavors buzz together through the swallow and beyond the finish. The beer’s sweet, caramelized malts add thickness to the bite, smoothing out both the heat and fish flavor.

California roll & Anchor Steam Beer
A California common beer is, of course, the perfect match for a California roll, and the connecting theme is green: The avocado and cucumber easily adopt the beer’s minty hops, while fresh-flavored crab, flowing caramel malts and firm bitterness fill out the profile.

Shrimp tempura roll & Samuel Smith English IPA
This roll’s fried shrimp is sweet and bready, converging seamlessly with the beer’s own sweet, biscuity malt flavors for a well-paced pairing. Earthy hops rustle beneath the sweetness, while their cleansing dryness whisk away the tempura’s oiliness.

Philadelphia roll & Black Market Hefeweizen
A hefeweizen’s lemon notes sing brightly above this sturdy roll, emulating the essential splash of lemon on salmon. With its robust wheat body, the brew holds steadfast against the fish’s oiliness, rich cream cheese and filling rice, letting all the flavors linger on the tongue.


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