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Pairs: Burgers and beer

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Put some thought into stocking the cooler for your next backyard burgerfest.

Pepper Jack and Guacamole & Twisted Pine Billy’s Chilies

This burger gets its kick from pepper in the cheese and cilantro spice; a chili beer amps up the heat and is crisp enough to cut through thick guac.

Bacon and Cheddar & Four Peaks Kilt Lifter

This greasy favorite turns full-on robust when a Scotch ale’s smoke saturates the bacon, and sweet caramel malt rounds out sharp Cheddar; fortunately, soft carbonation cleans up the big bite.

Ketchup, Pickles, Onion & Sun King Sunlight Cream Ale

The usual burger suspects of ketchup, onion and pickles add tart and tangy zing to the meaty bite; a crisp, floral cream ale blossoms in the mouth, bringing fullness to the flavor.

Tomato, Lettuce, Mayo & Empyrean Third Stone Brown

A brown ale’s light bready sweetness buoys the bun, while still allowing the verdant lettuce, juicy tomato and sweet mayo flavors to stay afloat.

Mushroom and Swiss & Bell’s Oarsman Ale

This burger’s earthy, buttery mushrooms and nutty Swiss need a palate lift; a tart Berliner weisse swiftly brightens up the bite without whisking away the big flavors.


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