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Pick this up: Peekskill Brewery Amazeballs

A drinkable and vibrant pale ale that lives up to its superlative name.
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Peekskill Brewery Amazeballs canTake it from the Great Lakes, the Grand Canyon or Brilliant, Ohio—dropping superlatives into your name is a risky move, creating an expectation of excellence that’s tough to live up to.

But we can’t disagree with Peekskill dubbing this beer Amazeballs (which, as we all know, is a real word that was added to the Oxford Dictionary in 2014, so say it all you want).

Returning to shelves this month, the 4.7% American pale ale is bittered and flavored with just a single hop type: Galaxy, a very in-vogue variety hailing from Australia and known for imparting vivid tropical fruit flavors. Quiet, spicy cracked pepper and epazote mingle in the nose with menthol and herbs—the hop character is resinous and oily, like rubbing together fresh cones—supported by sweet baked bread.

Nutty, toasty malts lead the flavor into hoppy swirls of lavender, rose, peach blossom and peppermint tea; a flash of passion fruit at the swallow is wiped away by clean, floral bitterness. Get yourself to Peekskill, New York, (about 30 miles north of Manhattan), and try some. It’s, as the name suggests, amazeballs.

The specs
MSRP: $16 per four-pack
Glassware: pint glass
Pair it with: Sage derby cheese, chicken enchiladas, herb panna cotta

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