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Pick: Brouwerij Bosteels Kwak

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Back before the days of drinking and driving laws (the late 18th century to be specific), passengers in stagecoaches would often have their drivers stop in each town to hit a local brewery. The coachmen were obligated to stay behind with the horses and forced to look longingly into the pubs. Lucky for them, one enterprising brewer, Pauwel Kwak, noticed this predicament and decided to have local glass blowers create a special glass so he could serve the thirsty coachmen. It had a well-designed wooden holder for the bumpy ride and a thin neck so a driver’s thick gloves wouldn’t get in the way of his enjoyment.

Thankfully, glassware innovation wasn’t Kwak’s only talent—his longer-lasting contribution to the world of brew was a classic Belgian ale. His beer is now brewed by the sixth and seventh generation of the Bosteels family, and they haven’t lost a step in more than 200 years. Kwak (the beer) starts with an aroma packed with sweet, fruity esters and finishes with a malty sweetness that reflects the unique yeasts used in its production. Delicious hints of vanilla and licorice make the brew all the more enjoyable.

You can still purchase the classic Kwak glass, but we don’t recommend trying to affix one to a modern-day car—though the beer makes for a refreshing sip after a long road trip.


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