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Pick: Double Mountain LuLu

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Suddenly, hibiscus beers are everywhere. When we initially got our hands on Double Mountain LuLu for our current May/June issue, I hadn’t really considered the tropical flower as a popular brewing ingredient. Then, I began noticing it in beers everywhere—like when your friend buys a new car, and suddenly you see that same model everywhere you drive. Hibiscus is happening, and I’m going to explore it a bit more for our July/Aug issue, but first, let’s take a look at the beer that first got us excited about the trend—it’s amazing. Here’s what we had to say in the current issue:

Dressed with floral hibiscus, rosebuds and a spicy dash of pink peppercorns, this Oregon saison takes a page from farmhouse ales of old, when Belgian brewers filled summery sippers with freshly picked herbs and spices. Lulu’s a fair-weather charmer, tempting the tongue with a spritzy, ever-so-slightly tart sip. Soft botanicals and subtle, fruity peach flavors enhance a rustic wash of dried wheat; warming peppercorn builds into a vivaciously sharp swallow. tweet

Memorial Day Weekend is just two short days away, and I can’t think of a better beer to drink with your grilled steak than this peppery sipper. The beer’s peppercorn perfectly accents the char and seasoning of the steak, while its fruity, floral notes enhance the meat’s sweetness. Cap it off with a cleansing, spritzy mouthfeel and you’ve got a master pairing to enjoy this holiday weekend.



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