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Pints for politics


I love a good drinking game—especially if it helps wash down a night of politics. Quite a few debate-oriented drinking games have circulated since the inaugural war of words in Denver (I’ve seen at least five roll through my Facebook feed), but none are as dedicated to the cause as The seemingly non-partisan site updates new rules for each debate, live tweets the event and even keeps an interactive scoreboard going on Ustream. This is serious business.

Here are the rules for tonight’s town hall-style debate:

Some additional (but not scored) drinking opportunities for the adventurous include: Drink for each person thanked in the candidate’s opening statement; a sip for every step mentioned in a multi-step plan; A gulp for every awkward grin or laugh.

There you have it, the best debate drinking game around. What beer will you sip during tonight’s town hall event?


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