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Pork to your porch

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Bypass the butcher’s counter and make a beeline to your desk: Carnivorous cravings are a just a click away.

BEEF: Cattle at La Cense Beef roam an 88,000-acre Montana ranch and eat only grass. The ranch butchers and sells nearly every cut imaginable—plus sausages, meatballs and pastrami. 2 14-ounce bone-in New York strip steaks, $54; 3-pound boneless prime rib roast, $73;

BISON: The grass-fed, humanely harvested buffalo at Wild Idea Buffalo Co. roam the South Dakota plains freely, yielding lean cuts with less fat, cholesterol and calories than the grain-fed stuff. 1 lb. 99-percent lean ground round, $15; 16-ounce bone-in ribeye steaks, $29 each;

VENISON: In Texas Hill Country, the family-owned Broken Arrow Ranch offers free-range Axis deer, Fallow deer and South Texas antelope cuts. Boneless loins, from $29 per pound; rib racks, from $25 per pound;

PORK: Pig of the Month lovingly slow-smokes and hand-pulls free-range pork shoulders and butts, then douses it in family-secret barbecue sauce; rib racks are rubbed with Hungarian smoked paprika before they’re smoked and sauced. 3.5 pounds of pulled pork, $58; 2 racks baby-back ribs and sauce, $53;

LAMB: Certified organic sheep graze over Lava Lake Lamb’s nearly 1 million acres of Sun Valley, Idaho, rangeland. Leg of lamb, $75 each; chops, about $35 for four;



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