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Prepare to be sour


I’ve got a bit more news from Odell today. Last month I mentioned the brewery’s plan to release a new sour beer in May, and after hearing from head brewer Joe Mohrfeld, this will be one you won’t want to miss. The new brew, Hiveranno New American Wild Ale (750ml bottles), is the third beer that uses Odell’s in-house wild yeast strain, known as Fester (named as such “due to its ability to continue to ferment beers that are at an extremely low pH and high alcohol level,” says Mohrfeld). The brewery actually captured the wild yeast in Colorado and used it to inoculate a number of oak barrels, which were then used to make Deconstruction Ale and Avant Peche. So, if you’re a fan of those brews, Hiveranno should impress.

According to Mohrfield, the new brew employs a hefty dose of fresh American hop flavors, which should pair well with the yeast’s grapefruit rind and tropical flavor profile. While there’s no news yet on future beers spiked with Fester, Mohrfeld notes that “The process of capturing our own local wild yeast is inspired by the Belgian tradition, but the way we have come to use it in a hop-forward ale like Hiveranno is uniquely Odell,” so I imagine we can expect to see the further development of that unique Odell flavor in future projects.


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