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On our table: Pretentious glasses

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Our latest artisan obsession is Louisville, Ky., glass blower Matthew Cummings and his Pretentious Beer Glass Co., a collection of handmade, mouth-blown vessels that are at once artful and practical. The showstopper? His partitioned Dual Glass (center), which makes a perfect Black and Tan without a special spoon or a jigger, and lets you blend any two beers–even brews with similar viscosities–without murky results (Need ideas? See our beer editor’s favorite blend here). The collection also includes the curvaceous Malty Beer Glass (left), which forces sediment away from your swallow, and the Aromatic Beer Glass (right), which traps huge aromas from fragrant styles, and a few other glasses that double as sculptures. Your best bet: The full five-glass set; it’s a $171 investment, but hey, it’s art!


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