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Pretty Things’ road trip to Boulevard


File this one under “fun:” Pretty Things husband-and-wife team Dann and Martha Paquette struck out from Boston last weekend on an epic road trip to San Diego for next week’s Craft Brewers Conference, and before they arrive, the duo’s stopping off in Kansas City to brew a rare beer style with Boulevard Brewing.

So far, the two have kept a relatively real-time update going on their Pretty Things’ Twitter feed. Definitely check it out if you’re into photos of classic Americana like roadside Elvis churches, Frito pie and barbecue. But keep a close eye on the feed today and tomorrow, when the team’s brewing its collaboration beer, a Yorkshire-style stingo.

If you don’t know exactly what a stingo beer is, you’re not alone (aside from the version Samuel Smith’s released a few years back, there aren’t many to be had). According to Paquette, the old ale style possibly originated in Yorkshire, England around the 17th-century. Its name derives from the beer’s biting, or sour, mouthfeel. Whether it was sour intentionally, or turned sour as it grew stale in casks, is a matter of debate.

“We work with beer historian Ron Pattinson on many of our Once Upon A Time series of historical beers, but he had no information on how traditional stingo might have been made or what it tasted like. So we had to create this one ourselves,” Paquette said.

Going into the process, Paquette and Boulevard brewmaster Steven Pauwels planned to take inspiration from the classic Belgian sour beer Rodenbach and its connection to historic porter brewing in England, but in the end Paquette expects “a creation by us with a nod to a beer style that did exist in historical England, plus perhaps a small dose of wishful thinking.”

What does that mean for you? Expect this barrel-aged English-style old ale to deliver subtly biting sourness, smoothed by rich malts, dark fruit notes and wood. But, as you can see from this image of Pauwels and Paquette [left to right] mulling over ideas yesterday, anything’s still possible.

Keep an eye on the Pretty Things Twitter feed for more updates from the road, and stay tuned here next week, as I’ll bring you updates from the Craft Brewers Conference—maybe I’ll even run into road warriors Dann and Martha when they finally arrive in San Diego.


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