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Product Watch: Rapid Ice Beer Cooler


Here in Phoenix, it’s approximately 200 degrees outside, and though we all have swimming pools and hired hands fanning us with palm fronds, there are still times when the only viable antidote to blazing, scorching heat is cold, delicious beer. And when that time is RIGHT F’IN NOW, reach for this nifty Rapid Ice Beer Cooler.


 Rapid Ice Beer Cooler,$6.99, available at Cost Plus World Market,

Why: Because sometimes you need to go from the bottle shop to drinking in very short order.

How it works: It’s a coozie-style icepack that you keep in the freezer. When you urgently need a beer to go from room temp to cold, you slide it in the coozie and wait five minutes. Remove. Pour. Enjoy.

The result: This thing works! I tried it on both glass and aluminum, and within 5 minutes the beer was definitely chill. To get it downright cold, go for a 7- to 10-minute hold. If you can wait that long.

Hint: It takes a little time to “recharge” in the freezer, so you’ll definitely want to have more than one (if you want to have more than one).

Alternative Use: Poor beer pong technique leads to wrist strain and humiliating losses. Slide this on like a bracelet to reduce swelling, relieve pain and nurse ego.




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  • Aaron C. says:

    So you take this thing out of the freezer, put it on the beer and it cools the beer? Why not just put it in the fridge. The real use for this is to keep your beer cold as you are drinkin it, which is helpful if you drink very, VERY slowly.

  • Jessel says:

    Priceless! My husband will love this on those hot days sitting by the pool!

  • Craig M says:

    I have one of these and it is great! I usually put my beer in it and then pt it back in the freezer, within 5 minutes you have ice cold beer! Even without putting the beer back into the freezer it will ‘chill’ it in a few minutes

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