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Q&A: Talking beer with Colin Cowherd

Colin Cowherd’s never been afraid to open his mouth—or pour beer in it.


Colin Cowherd’s never been afraid to open his mouth—or pour beer in it. The outspoken sportscaster is back in a big way this football season with a new home at FOX Sports as host of “The Herd” and a member of “FOX NFL Kickoff.” Plus, he’s debuted a collaboration beer with Rogue Ales and, of course, still has plenty to say to his haters.

How did you become interested in beer?

I own a wine retail business in Connecticut, and my best friend in high school’s dad ran a liquor store in Washington State, so I always sort of knew the business. I’ve never really been a whiskey drinker; white wine’s too inconsistent for me and red wine sometimes makes me tired, so the only two things I’ve really gravitated to are vodka and craft beer. If I’m with friends, I’ll probably be drinking a beer.

How did the collaboration beer with Rogue come about?

I’d lived in Portland and my friend introduced me to [Rogue’s] Brett Joyce. I thought that Rogue was a perfect fit for my brand, which is about being outspoken and having strong opinions. I’m quirky and it’s a quirky, fun brewery. My stepson, Riley, actually came up with the name for the beer. We’re sitting around the kitchen table and thinking about words related to beer like hops and bitters and he just blurted out, “What about Blunt N’ Bitter?” And I was like “You know, that fits my image.”

What did you take away from your early departure from ESPN?

I had already decided to leave and we were just negotiating when I could be off the air. For ESPN to do it the way they did it… I hold no animosity, but it’s not the way I would have done it. I was so energized by my new employer that I really didn’t care how ESPN was treating me. I was already working on new advertisers and new deals, which included Rogue. I’m not a guy that looks in the rearview mirror.

You’ve come under fire for comments you’ve made on air. Does the criticism fuel you?

If I look at my life, the times I’ve been inspired have been overwhelmingly from criticism. That’s just how I’m wired. I’ve always been a person that likes to prove people wrong. My harshest critics are my greatest allies.

What are you expecting from this football season?

A lot of people think the NFL is unpredictable, but that’s overblown. Football has increasingly become an offensive game and overwhelmingly about the quarterback. You can eliminate virtually half the league from winning the Super Bowl just because of they have a mediocre person at this one position. The Cowboys and the Patriots and the Packers and the Seahawks are favorites to win the Super Bowl.

What’s the connection between sports and beer for you?

If you ate duck, you would think wine. If you were in Russia, you’d be like, “We need to have vodka.” When I think of football, I think of a craft beer with my friends, and eating a hamburger off the grill.


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