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Cliff DesPeaux

A Seattle convenience store taps some of the world’s best beers.

Laugh at its name if you want, but Seattle’s Super Deli Mart taps some of the country’s best brews—think pours from Russian River and Dogfish Head—behind the counter, next to the Slim Jims and cigarettes. Korean owner Min Chung has turned the 7-Eleven model on its head, filling growlers and offering bar stools as if his convenience store were a tavern. He squirrels away up to 150 kegs in the cooler, and geeks just about hyperventilate when he brings out a cult favorite like Pliny the Younger, new locals like Fremont Interurban IPA, and classics like Firestone Walker Parabola or The Lost Abbey Angel’s Share and pours them right next to the Camel display. –Tan Vinh

Super Deli Mart
9051 35th Ave. SW, Seattle,


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