Home Beer Meet the winner: Side Project Brewing Saison du Blé

Meet the winner: Side Project Brewing Saison du Blé

Best Belgian Style Ale 3rd place: Side Project Brewing Saison du Blé

3 - Side Project Saison du BleSaison du Blé
Side Project Brewing
Maplewood, Missouri

Side Project owner and brewmaster Cory King explains the beauty of Saison du Blé.

What was the inspiration for Saison du Blé?

CK: Saison du Blé was the second Saison that I brewed, our first being Saison du Fermier. I wanted Saison du Blé to play a contrasting role to du Fermier. du Fermier is our robust, spelt Saison, where du Blé (Blé is French for wheat), is our more delicate, billowy, wheat saison. Wheat has always played a big part in traditional saison production, as well as spelt, so I wanted to brew saisons that focused on each, yet were different experiences for the palate.

How would you describe the flavor?

CK: Lemon meringue and bread dough with hints of almond and citrus fruit. Moderate to high carbonation with a big, round, fluffy mouthfeel and soft acidity from the local Missouri microflora used in our saisons.

Why do you think people love this beer?

CK: I sure am glad that they do! Honestly, I think that the nuanced layers are complex, yet balanced and approachable enough for almost anyone. The acidity is lively and inviting, so it’s great for the sour lovers and the sour newbies. It’s easy to have several of without it becoming exhausting. At least, those are my takes on the beer, and why I love it!

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