Home Beer Meet the winner: Tree House Brewing Co. Julius

Meet the winner: Tree House Brewing Co. Julius

Best IPA 3rd place: Tree House Brewing Co. Julius

Tree House Brewing Co.
Monson, Massachusetts

Co-owner Nate Lanier on Julius, the brewery’s flagship IPA:

What was the inspiration for Julius? 

NL: Trader Joe’s Unsulfured Just Mango Slices!

How would you describe the taste?

NL: I taste predominantly mango and a bounty of sweet citrus fruit (think orange—not grapefruit); hints of melon also linger on the edges.

Why do you think people love it so much? 

NL: I get a lot of feedback in my e-mail and on Twitter, and people enjoy Julius for many, many reasons. I think the prevailing reason is that it’s packed with flavor and very pleasant to drink. To me, I like it because it’s incredibly hop-saturated while maintaining softness on the palate. I like the term ‘fluffy’. You can enjoy pungent citrusy hop flavors without astringency, lingering bitterness, or alliaceous notes that can easily pervade a heavy-handed hoppy beer. It’s very easy to drink, and for me, it improves in the glass and with subsequent glasses—a character I try very intently to refine in all of my beers.

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