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Reason to drink: Coast to Coast Toast


Put down that American IPA because today’s the second annual Coast To Coast Toast, which celebrates the lengthy 30-plus-year history and tasty portfolio of import company Vanberg & DeWulf (you know, the company that’s responsible for introducing you to Saison DuPont, among others). Today, participating bars across the country (with the exception of New York City; see below) are spotlighting the Belgian-centric portfolio with specials and themed events—a wealth of special beers are being tapped at places like Monk’s Café, along with an epic list of other watering-holes, in preparation for bar-wide toasts. Anyone who orders two V&D-imported beers and checks in on Untappd earns a special badge and gets entered into a drawing for a chance to win a free round-trip ticket to Belgium. Spend your thirsty Thursday wisely.

I’ve long been intrigued by the life of a beer importer.

Reason No. 1: Look at where they get to drink.

Reason No. 2: From Vanberg & DeWulf’s site: “There’s no telling where we may be on any given day. Our office is based in Cooperstown, N.Y.; our U.S. residence is in Chicago; we base ourselves in Ghent, Belgium for a quarter of the year, where we concoct new beers.”

Reason No 3: Hunting down new beers—or, at least, new beers for the U.S. market—sounds like a dream job. But Vanberg & DeWulf co-founder Don Feinberg also creates new beers with the same breweries he imports. There’s the exceptionally tart, lemon-and-barnyard-accented Lambickx, a blend of lambics personally selected by Feinberg; and Lambrucha, a funky, fruity and herbal blend of lambics and kombucha tea. If you see either of these beers today, order them.

What and where are you planning to drink today?

Note: The Coast to Coast Toast celebration in New York City and its five boroughs will take place on Jan. 15 due to the ongoing impact of Hurricane Sandy.


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