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Redhook’s new look

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Big news today from a big brewery. To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Redhook is completely revamping its packaging, and rolling out a few treats for the consumer over the next few months. Lots of information is still up in the air, but here’s what we know for sure. First and foremost: the bottle. Looking like a blend between Red Stripe and St. Peter’s, this bubbly new bottle sports a rather dynamic, minimalist label redesign that the brewery hopes will reinvigorate the brand and keep it young and fresh for an emerging generation of craft enthusiasts (the picture above is a pretty cool chronology of the brand’s various looks). In addition to the bottle and label design, each beer is now fitted with new caps that illustrate various memorable icons, sayings and esoteric cultural tid-bits from the Redhook brewery (think of images like the Space Needle and the Fremont Troll). But today’s news stretches beyond just the bottle: After tremendous sales from last year’s spring seasonal Rope Swing, this pilsner will now be available year-round.

Now, a few unconfirmed reports. Keep an eye out for new packaging of a particular Redhook beer that may (or may not) fit into a recent craft brewing trend. Also, a special 30th anniversary beer is in the works, although the details of when it will come out and, more importantly, what style it will be is still unconfirmed by the brewery. Redhook fans that live close to the brewery can expect a few birthday bashes throughout the year, as well as a string of draft-only specialty beers commemorating the brewery’s birthday—dates are still TBD.

So, one of the most ubiquitous craft brands is getting a new look in its 30s—something we’ve all dealt with on a personal level as well. What say you? Are you on board with the new look?


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