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Running shop adds hops

This unique California spot gives new meaning to one-stop shopping.


For three years, the Running Shop was your typical running store that offered shoes, organized training workouts and stocked running gear.

But beginning this month, the Running Shop is no longer a typical running store since changing locations and adding a full taproom.

Now called the Running Shop and Hops, the Morgan Hill store has 32 beers on tap with a goal of raising the number of taps to 50.

The Running Shop and Hops bills itself as California’s first running-specialty shoe store and craft beer taproom. A similar store opened in Colorado a few years ago called Shoes and Brews.

Owner Paul Rakitin said the new concept is a natural evolution for him given the interests of his clientele.

“Runners love to drink beer⏤it’s a nice blend. Running is very social and beer drinking is, too,” he told the Morgan Hill Times.

Rakitin runs the combined store with his wife, a former bartender. The taproom side specializes in West Coast craft beers.

More about the new store can be found on the Running Shop and Hops Facebook page.


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