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A beer runner evacuation strategy


Cape Cod Brewery in Massachusetts created this helpful infographic for a straight-forward Hurricane Sandy evacuation plan. Take heart beer runners, you’ve been training your whole life for a disaster like this.

According to the brewery’s Facebook page, they temporarily lost power and have seen winds up to 71 miles per hour while bearing the brunt of Sandy’s force.

As I write this in the Midwest, I’d like to send good vibes for Cape Cod, east coast breweries and everyone in the direct line of the hurricane. Grab some beer, hole up, stay safe, and I hope this blows over soon.

Thanks to John Garvey for the heads up.


Tim Cigelske is DRAFT's Beer Runner. (Beer Run•ner [noun]: Someone equally devoted to fine beer appreciation and an active, healthy lifestyle. Ex. "John downed four microbrews at the triathlon finish line. He's a total beer runner.”) Follow Tim on Twitter @TheBeerRunner, and email him at beerrunner [at]

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  • Poza says:

    Just heard on NPR that for the first time ever smoking is banend at Oktoberfest. This has organizers worried; without the stench of cigarette smoke to cover up the other odors’ (urine, vomit) people will really be able to smell Oktoberfest in all it’s, uh, glory. Mmmmm. Pretty much killed my desire to make that trip.You guys should grow hops. We’ve started growing our own in our little backyard (central Mass.). We’ll homebrew with them sometime this fall- it’s our first year of any yield. Takes 3 years after planting the rhizomes to get any hops cones, but it was so worth the wait.

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