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Your daily pint for Friday, Aug. 12, 2013 is: Seef Bier

What it is: A Belgian pale ale

What it tastes like:
An intensely fruity, bready nose leads to similar notes on the tongue: A soft wheat base carries lemon and pear, while earthy, peppery yeast gives each swallow a little bite.

The story behind Seef: Protz on Beer has a really fascinating roundup of how this beer came to exist. It’s a recreation of a once-famous Belgian beer born in Antwerp, which ruled palates during the 18th and 19th centuries. Its demise came as a result of mass-marketed lagers, Nazis and a number of other factors. Read the Protz post: That story, plus how Johan Van Dyck recreated the beer is worth the time.

What’s up with the name: Seef is pronounced “safe.” It’s Friday, so you’ve just about made it out of the work week alive. That calls for a safe beer.


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