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Show us your cellar!

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We know the beer cellaring community is small (or is it?), but whenever we pull out a bottle, we’re always thinking: Who else has this beer cellared away? Has everyone else already opened this beer, and ours is the last sealed bottle known to man?! Or are we the only ones crazy enough to take this collection so seriously?

So that got us thinking: What is in your cellar, anyway? We want to (virtually) snoop around your cellar. Show us what you’ve got!

This isn’t a contest; more like an ever-so-often post where we’ll showcase the cellars of our little cellar-rat community here. We don’t care if it’s a gorgeously hand-carved 500-square-foot space or a makeshift under-the-bed “cellar.” What’s most important is the beer inside.

If you want to share your cellar with us, send an email to with the following information and up to four photos:

1. Your name

2. Your location

3. How many beers you’re storing

4. Your cellar’s setup: Is it in a dedicated cellar or a hall closet? Do you lay ‘em down or stand ‘em up? Do you control the temperature?

5. Oldest beer

6. Newest beer: What did you just put away? How long do you think you’ll age it?

7. Best can: What’s the coolest can you’re aging?

8. Longest vertical: Is there one beer or series you cellar away every year? How long does your collection stretch back?

9. Crowning glory: What is the ONE (OK, fine, two if necessary) star of your collection?

10. What’s missing: What beer do you wish you had in your cellar?

11. What you’re opening next, and why

And don’t forget those photos. You don’t need to be a pro! In beer cellaring, everyone’s an amateur.

We can’t wait to see those bottles!


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