Six beers brewed with nuts

Six beers brewed with nuts

Assemble the ultimate rich, roasty fall six-pack with these six nut-flavored beers.
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Dusty bowls of stale bar nuts (with the choice ones already eaten) are a sorry excuse for an afternoon snack. Instead, assemble a fall mix with these six beers brewed with the flavors of actual nuts. Some are roasted and earthy; others lean brown-sugar sweet—all are total party pleasers.

Urban Chestnut Winged Nut

The St. Louis brewery pays homage to its namesake with this toasted, lightly bitter dunkelweizen. Finely milled chestnuts added to the mash impart an earthy halo to the Bavarian yeast’s caramelized banana flavors and provide some additional sugars for fermentation.

Colorado Berthô

The Brazilian craft brewery named itself for the state where its tanks originated, but this beer highlights a nut grown at home. The lightly bitter Brazil nuts are first roasted, then hand-cleaned of their oils before they reach the brew. The labor-intensive process results in a toffee-sweet brown ale with a dry shell undercurrent.

Forbidden Root Shady Character

This Chicago brewery specializes in “botanic beers” made with flowers, roots, herbs, bark and honey; here, roasted chestnuts and black walnuts lend round sweetness to a robust porter that’s spiced with black licorice, star anise and peppercorns.

Pateros Creek Rattlesnake Jack

Most peanut-flavored beers use peanut butter powder; this Fort Collins, Colo.-brewed wild ale is made with actual dry-roasted unsalted peanuts, blackberries and chipotles. The sip is like a spicy PB&J sandwich: jammy blackberry sweetness up front, dusty peanut shell at the center, and a chipotle heat that crests before dissipating on the swallow.

Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan

It’s no surprise that this brew hails from the state where pecan pie is as essential to a Thanksgiving table as the turkey. This mahogany-colored brown ale, brewed with whole pecans, showcases the nut’s earthiness in the aroma, while candied, sugar-coated pecan flavors emerge on the tongue.

Heretic Chocolate Hazelnut Porter

OK, disclosure: This roasty porter is brewed with pure hazelnut extract, not whole nuts. But the result is a beer so soft and inviting, you’ll want to seek it out year-round. Aromas of hazelnut latte, baking dough and cinnamon toast waft off the deep brown pour; the sip is less Nutella and more peppery roast, cocoa and dusty hazelnut. Drink it alongside classic fall foods—and wait for it to steal the show.


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