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Sixer: Cuckoo for coconuts

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Treat yourself to tropical flavors with these coconut-infused sippers. (Tip: Cold temps stifle these exotic beers; serve them at room temperature to bring out the coconut flavor.)

Wormtown Norm Chocolate Coconut Stout

Confection perfection: Milky chocolate and sweet toasted coconut combine with an oatmeal stout’s silky-smooth texture for a swallow that tastes just like a Mounds bar.

Airways Maylani’s Coconut Stout

A fluffy, breezy sip sweeps touches of fruity blueberry, chocolaty cocoa nibs and wispy coconut across the tongue before a dark, slightly ashy malt finish caps off the swallow.

Blackrocks Coconut Brown

Approachable as the sun-warmed surf, a sweet wave of coconut swells mid-sip, softening this American brown ale’s subtle roasted malt.

Miami Big Rod Coconut Ale

A powerful coconut aroma—like you’re oiling up at the beach!—augments this blonde ale’s neat blend of the tropical fruit, berry sweetness and grainy malts for a refreshingly sessionable swallow.

Newport Storm Cyclone Yoko

This specialty dark ale’s bitter roasted malts and earthy hops drive a playfully prickly sip, while dreamy coconut weaves tropical undertones through the swallow.

B. Nektar Pineapple Coconut Melomel

This 14%-ABV mead is still an easy sipper that evokes an intoxicating island paradise of floral orange blossom sweetness, lively pineapple and just a touch of silky coconut to mellow out the finish.

THE STANDARD: The best-selling coconut craft is Maui CoCoNut Porter, a canned postcard from Hawaii and a hula dance of robust cocoa, roast and wood with a coconut twist.


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