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Sixer: Distinct saisons

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Saisons come in all shapes and sizes (or, more specifically, hues and flavors): Explore the many tastes of this season’s beer.

Brewery Ommegang Glimmerglass

This sweet-smelling beer’s brewed with orange peel and pink peppercorns; candied orange flavor sweeps happily over the tongue, riding smooth, fine carbonation. Peppery notes prickle the back of the tongue, pulling the sip to a clean finish.

Brasserie De La Senne and Tired Hands Brewing Collaboration Crushable Saison

Pouring very pale yellow, Crushable is quiet colorful on the tongue. Funky and tart lemon notes quickly heel to hops’ sweet grapefruit. Hop bitterness closes the beer, and lingers on the tongue well after the sip.

Mother’s Brewing Company Spring Batch

A full mouthfeel indicates this brew’s sturdy malt base, while the funky and tart lemony notes sing strongly through the sip; maraschino cherry notes stick to the tongue for a long, sweet finish.

Big Boss The Centaur

This dry-hopped ale with saison yeast really does present as half-saison, half-pale ale. It’s quite tart and lemony on the front; those flavors meld well with tangerine and orange hop tones. The hops take over from there with a firm bitter finish for a well-balanced sip.

Stone Brewing Matt’s Burning Rosids

Starting with its caramel-color pour, this imperial cherrywood-smoked saison takes more than a few compelling leaps outside the boundaries of the style. In the nose, this big sipper’s a dead ringer for barbecue sauce. On the tongue, the big woody and sherry notes come on strong, but dissipate remarkably well to a simple saison finish that leaves just a little smoke lingering in the mouth.

Funkwerks Cameo Saison

This saison hits all of the classic markers: It’s bright and sugary sweet, with some light lemon flavor, a few sweet floral touches and spicy white pepper in the finish. Incredibly fluffy and drinkable, this one goes down nice and easy.



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