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Sixer: Mead

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Mead’s primary ingredient, honey, reflects a bee’s appetite, and imparts a true sense of terroir.

Blacksnake Tupelo Honey Wine

This Virginia meadery uses tupelo honey—one of the sweetest available—for its dry mead, imbuing the mild, herbal flavors with lip-licking sugar.

B. Nektar Buckwheat

Made with buckwheat honey, this mead’s bold ingredient delivers earthy, malty notes with each sip.

Ring of Fire Alaska Fireweed Mead

Delicate pear and spice notes are the hallmark flavors of fireweed honey, derived from the willowherb, popular in Alaska where this mead’s made.

Moonlight Sensual

Brewed with wildflower honey, this mead’s complex floral and fruit notes vary with each season, reflecting what was in bloom when the bees gathered their nectar.

Planet Bee Blueberry Bliss

Touches of berries and floral notes give this sweet wine a summery kick.

Rabbit’s Foot Melia

California orange blossom honey lends a slightly citrusy berry flavor to a hint of apple and a dessertlike sweet finish.


Venture into the realm of mead without abandoning the bitterest of beers with Sap House Meadery Hopped Blueberry, which pairs grapefruit hop notes with fresh blueberry, and Redstone Meadery Nectar of the Hops, a dry-hopped mead in our Top 25 Beers of 2010 list.

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