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Sixer: Strange brew

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Go on a sensory odyssey with these six strange brews.


Williams Brothers Grozet Gooseberry & Wheat Ale
Dating back to the 1500s, gruit (hopless beer) was once the preferred Scottish beverage. In the sans hops tradition, Williams Brothers resurrected the bygone style and brews it with bog myrtle and meadowsweet, adding Scottish gooseberries during a secondary fermentation.


Ochakovskiy Kvass
Historically, this ancient Eastern European style was brewed with fermented bread, usually rye, and has a very low ABV; this version touts sour bread flavors, molasses notes and non-alcoholic status.


Dogfish Head Sah’tea
Based on a traditional Finnish spirit, this rye-based beer’s caramelized with hot river rocks, fermented with German weizen yeast and spiced with juniper, black tea, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and pepper.


Hitachino Nest Ancient Nipponia
Brewed with a nearly lost hybrid malt the Kiuchi Brewery obtained from Japan’s Department of Agricultural History and lemony, herbal Sorachi Ace hops, this beer covers the tongue with bright citrus notes and sourdough malts.


Atlantic Brother Adam’s Bragget Honey Ale
Even Chaucer indulged in this blend of beer and mead. In this version, Atlantic Brewing mixes a pale malt beer base with 2,000 pounds of wildflower honey from Maine.


Sprecher Shakparo Ale
Although it specializes in German styles, Sprecher found a hit when it first brewed Shakparo, a traditional West African-style brew made with sorghum and millet. Light-bodied, Shakparo delivers sweet ciderlike flavors courtesy of the specialty grains.




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