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Pick this up: Smuttynose Hayseed

Sessionable, tart and supersmooth, this is your new summer lawnmower beer—with a bit of French flair.
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Photo by Kevin Robie for DRAFT

Photo by Kevin Robie for DRAFT

So much about this new summer seasonal from Hampton, N.H.’s Smuttynose feels very now: It’s sessionable (at just 3.8% ABV) and displays beautiful, warm-weather citrusy tartness. But this farmhouse ale actually has its roots in a turn-of-the- century Franco-Belgian style, the grisette. It’s kin to saison, so fans of those sunny, peppery ales should be especially charmed by Hayseed. But saisons were farmhands’ brews; grisettes were historically made for miners in the Hainaut province, a region in Belgium bordering France.

Lighter than a typical saison and brewed with flaked oats, Smuttynose’s version opens with lightly salty, lemony aromas. White peppercorn spice threads bright, tart lemon on the tongue in a supersmooth sip, thanks to the oats. A pleasantly dry finish invites another drink… and another. Pair it with whatever’s on your grill, since the zippy carbonation and light peppercorn spice hit the palate’s reset button after a meal of juicy chicken or charred veggies. Consider this your new summer lawnmower beer, with a bit of French flair.


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