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Soup’s on!

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Add a bottle of brew to the pot, and unlock the secret to perfect soup.

In the snowy months, few things bring soul-soothing, belly-filling warmth like a steaming bowl of soup. Whether you crave a bowl brimming with bright tomato or one full of earthy, creamy mushroom, something special happens when you add a beer to the mix: A stout brings a touch of bitterness, while a lager fills out the flavors you won’t get in a simple broth. Here, five recipes that go from light and spicy to rich and cheesy, all made a touch better with a splash of beer.

Recipes by Jennifer Brulé, photography by Kevin Robie

A creamy soup that benefits from a stout's smooth finish.
A tasty take on French onion soup with a little help from a lager.
Tomato soup spiked with pilsner that definitely packs a punch.
A hearty Southern stew with a lager lift.
A creamy, beer-and-Gouda soup any self-respecting cheesehead should try at least once.


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