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Spice up your Super Bowl party

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Spice up your Super Bowl party

Whether you’re hosting a football bash or backyard barbecue, these easy, beer-infused appetizers are the quickest, simplest way to elevate your party.

Check out the recipes below and use them to plan your next shindig.


A Mexican lager in a chili-cheese dip? Instant fiesta!
Here’s the secret to the creamiest homemade hummus: Chickpeas have a thin, translucent skin that gives the dip a slightly chunky texture, no matter how great your food processor is. Take a few minutes to pinch the skins, and discard those tiny menaces to create an ultracreamy dip.
Mexican lager and a splash of tequila share the spotlight in this northern Mexico salsa.
Serve these meatballs alone, or sandwich them in slider buns with pickled onions and melted cheddar cheese.
Your winning Super Bowl dish is here: These pulled-pork nachos are spicy, rich and unbelievably tasty. Do yourself a favor and make the pulled pork the day before; allowing the meat to rest in braising liquid overnight helps infuse it with the broth and makes for quick prep time the next day, so you won’t miss kickoff.
A beery twist on a classic party staple.


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