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Steve Nash: On beer and basketball

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You might be seeing a little more of Phoenix Sun Steve Nash this month; he’s the latest face of Dove Men+Care’s Journey to Comfort campaign. We caught up with him after filming his spot to get his thoughts on beer and b-ball.

Speaking of comfort, we hear beer is part of your comfort plan.

Yes, I certainly feel comfortable when I’m able to relax in the off-season and have a favorite beer. I like a number of different brews. I don’t really drink during the season, especially with our schedule this year, but it’s a nice way to finish off a summer night of soccer with friends and teammates.

Beer has been shown to have many positive health effects—lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, reducing the risk of arthritis, and lots more; how do you make beer a part of staying fit?

I wouldn’t say that drinking beer contributes to my staying fit; I have to be very conscious of what I am eating and drinking, especially during the season, but I do think that if beer is something a person enjoys, moderation is good. I think most of staying fit and healthy is mental: If you have the will, desire, and passion to do something, you’re going to find the route that will allow you to keep doing it and stay dedicated to your goals.

What are your favorite bars?

My favorite pubs are Phebes, Penny Farthing and Warren 77 in NYC, and the Local in Victoria, B.C.

Victoria has a huge craft beer scene; do you ever take advantage of it?

The beers I’ve tried—Vancouver Island Brewery has supported some of my Foundation’s work, for example—have definitely marked B.C. as a brew capital, and Victoria and Vancouver have some great pubs. I’m lucky in that my off-season travel schedule opens up a lot of opportunities to try different brews all over the world; it’s a cool thing to mark your travels with, to taste the food and beers that are made locally.

What’s the difference in beer culture between America and Canada?

I think for some beer is a big part of Canadian culture; like it is in many parts of the world, it’s a part of social life in Canada. But there are beer lovers everywhere—I’m not sure how different that is between the two countries, although Canadians definitely like to explore other cultures, whether it’s music or language or food and drink.

This is your 16th NBA season. Is there anything you haven’t achieved yet that’s still on your list of goals?

I’m so grateful for all of the amazing moments I’ve been able to experience through my basketball career, and some of those experiences will be featured during NCAA March Madness when my Dove Men+Care “Journey to Comfort” videos are airing.  Considering milestones like being drafted, the MVP titles I’ve shared with my teammates, playing in the Olympics, and even lighting the Olympic flame in Canada, I definitely feel like my list is pretty tight. Winning an NBA championship, and having that level of success with my team would be very rewarding, and it’s got a place on that list, but I also think that the goals we meet together on a daily basis are important. And when it comes to my broader life list, being a great dad to my kids is my absolute No. 1 priority.

If you could have a beer with one player, past or present, who would it be?

Bill Bradley.


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