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You’ve probably never heard of Etienne Proulx, but he’s definitely inspired you to crack open a beer. The world’s authority on liquid styling, he travels the globe to craft those golden-braided pours, frothy heads and glistening condensation you see in TV and print ads. A prop master on big feature films for 26 years, the Canadian-based Proulx now works with beer clients from China to Chile to Poland. “If you work with beer, it’s like four separate clients, though they’re in the same glass,” says Proulx. Here, he breaks down the elements of the perfect pour.

COLOR: “Lighting will really change the color of beer; there are many tricks you can do with lighting and the sun to achieve the perfect color.”

CONDENSATION: “This is always a very big element in beer commercials, and very important for print. Sometimes, it will take six hours to one day just to get the condensation looking perfect.”

FOAM: “Foam is a trademark of beer in Europe; they want it to go up over the glass. In North America, they want it to be no more than a dime.”

EFFERVESCENCE: “Some clients don’t want too many bubbles, and some want it very active. I have products I can add depending on what they want, or you just get a miracle beer that has the correct effect.”

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