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Surf Black IPA Style Ale

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Your Daily Pint for Saturday, Jan. 4, 2014 is: SURF BLACK IPA STYLE ALE

What it is:
a roasty, hoppy 6.5%-ABV black IPA

What it tastes like:
Love dark malts? Can’t get enough hops? This beer’s for you. A wave of espresso crashes down on the tongue, accented by sunshiny grapefruit hop tones and earthy pine undercurrents. Like surf culture, this beach-born beer’s finish is also laid back with a gentle dry finish to cap off each sip.

About the brewery: The place was actually founded by surfers, and it shows. Not only is the brewery located just a few minutes from the beach, its tasting room’s decked out in surf culture gear. The brewery also donates 1-percent of total sales to the Surfrider Foundation.

Best YouTube video to pair with a pint from Surf today:
For those of you not interested in the NFL playoff games, but have time to kill, watch Part 1 of “Beautiful Dreamer-Brian Wilson and the story of ‘Smile’,” which tells the story about Wilson’s lost (and found again) masterpiece, ‘Smile.’



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