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Your Daily Pint for Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2013, is: SURLY SURLYFEST

What it is: A 6%-ABV rye Oktoberfest lager.

What it tastes like: You hear rye and you think “sharp,” but that’s not the case here. Instead, malted, flaked and crystal ryes are masterfully balanced to lend earthy graininess to the flavor, but none of the usual rye roughness. Sterling hops brighten up the soft (yet lager-crisp) swallow with the thinnest hair of citrus.

Why you should drink it now: Oktoberfest (well, Munich’s) just ended, and the Great American Beer Fest starts in a matter of hours. Maybe you can go a day with a fest of some kind, but we can’t. Drink up, and party on.

Because, well, sausage: Rye beers are killer matches for sweet, fatty, peppery salami. Give it a go, and match the rest of your antipasto with our beer pairings.



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