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T.W. Pitchers’ Snake Bite

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Your Daily Pint for Monday, Sept. 23, 2013, is: T.W. PITCHERS’ SNAKE BITE

What it is: A 5.1%-ABV lager-cider blend, a take on a beer-cider blend of the same name.

What it tastes like: The label looks vicious, but this simple ditty is friendly, crisp and effervescent with full-on apple flavor up front that evolves into some beerier notes (a touch of malt) toward the back.

Snake Bites can be deadly:  …to your acceptance of status quo. Check out the story behind T.W. Pitchers: just two guys on a college baseball team that wanted to start a brewery and work out of an Airstream. It might inspire you to draft that two-week notice and follow your Airstream dream, too.

Mix it up more: Just add blackcurrant cordial for another U.K. cocktail known as a Snake Bite and Black.


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  • ZT says:

    Had this stuff in SF. Its pretty damn good and is dangerously drinkable – I knocked a few back quickly.

  • CK says:

    Yup, I’ve tried it too….awesomely delish!

  • Alicia Hernandez says:

    My husband brought home Snake Bite referred by our friend on Friday night for me and it’s the best tasting! Now its Monday and I just cleaned the carpets and I asked him to please go buy some more and to no avail can’t find it around our local liquor store! So he came home with Angry Orchard and it doesn’t compare:/
    Where is it sold? We live in the sf bay area on the peninsula to be exact. Would love to buy again!!!!

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