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Beer pairing tacos four ways

Not sure which beer in your fridge works with your hard-shell tacos?
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TACO Paired 4 waysA taco’s combination of spicy, salty, meaty and vegetal, all wrapped up in one crunchy bite, has a tasty benefit: Classic hard-shell tacos can pair with a wide range of beers. Try these four complements:

American IPA:
An IPA with a punch of green garden flavors—think chive, onion and garlic—amps up your taco’s lettuce and onion spice. Try: Fort Point Beer Co. Villager

Chile Beer:
A chile beer with a light-hued base style (wheat, pale ale, lager, etc.) will bolster the taco’s heat but remain crisp enough to refresh the palate. Try: Sierra Blanca Brewing Co. Rio Grande Pancho Verde Chile Cerveza

A sunny, lemony gose hits the same tangy note as a dollop of sour cream, while the salinity in both the taco and the beer syncs up perfectly. Try: Reuben’s Brews Gose

Scotch Ale:
Sweet, toasted malts draw out bready notes in the shell and the sweeter, earthier tones of the meat. Try: Moylan’s Brewery & Restaurant Kilt Lifter



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