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The beer vote: DRAFT’s presidential election poll


Who doesn’t love a political opinion poll? Me, mostly because no one’s ever asked for my studious “man on the street” thoughts during election season. I feel overlooked, left out. I want to be part of those swaying poll points that cause a frantic network anchor to scream “News!” from his election center desk. I want my erudite opinions to be distilled down to cold hard numbers. I want in on the fun, and I bet you do, too.

This year, with a little inspiration from Half Moon Bay Brewing’s Alection release, we’re holding our own presidential election poll. Forget straw, opinion and exit polls, here at DRAFT we’re conducting our very own beer poll.

What do you have to do? Almost nothing. Crack open a beer and cast your vote below. No phone calls, no dudes with clipboards, no talking heads screaming at you—this is simple, easy, and, hey, maybe some other news organization will interrupt its current poll programing to bring you breaking news from the beer front (naturally, since ordering beer like a president has already been covered).

If you want to put your money where your mouth is, swing by California’s Half Moon Bay Brewing, where the staff’s tallying up their own vote based on which version of the brewery’s re-branded Pillar Point Ale (now Alection Obama and Alection Romney) sells the best.

If a click of the mouse isn’t enough, preach away in the comments. As for me, tune into DRAFT’s video section this Friday, when I’ll crack open the beer and give you a little opinion of my own.

Stay classy, and let the voting begin.

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Chris Staten is DRAFT’s beer editor. Follow him on Twitter at @DRAFTbeereditor and email him at

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