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The biggest brewing street in the country


If you’ve ever been to Fort Collins, Colo., for beer, you’ve probably had your mind blown by East Lincoln Avenue. No, it doesn’t have the perpetual party atmosphere of Bourbon Street, or the beer-and-blues feel of Beale or Sixth Street. It has something else: breweries.

Strung out across less than two miles of road sits three very notable breweries: Odell, Fort Collins and Funkwerks. I can’t think of another strip of street that contains as many big-hitters in such close proximity (bonus: New Belgium is half-a-mile north of Odell on Linden St.). So, is this the heaviest hitting brewing street in the States? It might be.

Other contenders I’ve found:

• Industrial Way, Portland, Maine: Home to Allagash, and newcomers Bissell Brothers, Foundation, and Austin Street.
• North Lincoln Ave, Chicago: Atlas Brewing and Half Acre Beer Co. are about two miles apart.

By no means have I done exhaustive research on the topic, which is why I’m opening it up to all of you. Sure, when you look at maps of San Diego and Portland, Ore., the concentration of breweries is staggering—but does any city have a street that matches the brewery population of East Lincoln Ave?


Daniel of @CharlotteBeer chimes in with a good one.

A couple of good tips from reader Eric.

And the Cleveland CBV’s tip about 25th St.


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  • Charlotte Beer says:

    Here’s another:

    North Davidson St., Charlotte, North Carolina: NoDa Brewing, Birdsong Brewing, Heist Brewery and (soon to open) Free Range Brewing.

  • Tim Sonderman says:

    Milwaukee has Water Street. It has:

    Milwaukee Ale House (MKE Brewing’s Brewpub/original location)
    Water St. Brewery
    Horny Goat Hideaway
    Hinterlands Pub (No brewery on location)
    Enlightened Brewing Company (Coming Soon)

    There are a couple other ones just one or two blocks off of water too. If you count the River as a street you get:

    Milwaukee Ale House
    Water St. Brewery
    Horny Goat Hideaway
    Lakefront Brewery
    Sprecher Brewery
    Rock Bottom Brewery
    Enlightened Brewing Company (Coming Soon)

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