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The mussel world tour

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Where to order international pots (and beer!) without leaving U.S. soil.

Dig into southeastern France with mussels Provençale—that’s a tomato/herb/garlic broth—at the Trappe Door in Greenville, S.C.

The Mussels Carbonara at D.C.’s St. Arnold’s Mussel Bar are everything amazing about Italy’s beloved pasta dish—bacon! sweet peas! runny egg!—applied to mussels.

At Monk Beer Abbey in Royal Oak, Mich., chef Robert Young (born in mussel-rich Wales) spices up his shells with chorizo and chipotle cream sauce.

Who needs bread? At San Francisco’s La Trappe, jasmine rice serves as the starch for gingery, jalapeño-infused Coconut Curry mussels.

Manhattan’s Flex Mussels pots ’em up Southern-style with bourbon and country ham in the broth.

The Mexicano Mussels at D.C. mussel haven Granville Moore’s are Spring Break in a pot thanks to tomatillos and chilies in the broth, and tortilla crisps and lime salt on top.


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