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The new face of growlers


It’s Monday, so you’re probably sitting at your desk, aimlessly surfing the Internet and wondering why we humans subscribe to a social paradigm that requires us to sit at desks on a Monday. Here’s your answer: So we can buy custom-made face jug growlers.

Growlers are cool, but the vessels being produced by Tim Carlburg of Carlburg Pottery in Montana are above-and-beyond awesome. Uber growlers inspired by steampunk and World War II? Old-timey whiskey jugs? Face jugs? Imagine walking into a brewpub with a customized face jug modeled after your own face. Or, one that looks like Greg Koch, scraggly beard and all.

Check out the link to Carlburg’s photo gallery to see past work. Remember: The holidays are just around the corner and face jugs aren’t made in a day.


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