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The new way to drink IPAs


Considering the popularity of IPAs, it’s a bit surprising the style’s just now getting its own glassware. Kölsches have narrow stanges, hefeweizens have curvaceous weizen glasses and pilsners have those “v”-shaped pilsner glasses, but the IPA has always been lumped into catch-all shaker pint glass territory with a ton of other beer styles. Nonic, if you drink on the other side of the pond. That might be about to change.

On top of their new collaboration IPA Rhizing Bines, Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada (along with glassware company Spiegelau) have designed a new glass that’s customized to elevate your IPA drinking experience. That’s it above. It looks kind of weird. But, its weirdness comes with purpose. Let’s take a closer look.

First, let’s start with the top half—the most normal-looking part of the glass. Its mouth is wide (to better stick the nose into) the glass is thin and rounded (to better maintain temperature) and the vessel’s bow shape allows the hop scents to billow out of the glass. The bottom half of the glass looks like it was created with grip in mind, but according to the brewery, the “wave-like” design helps aerate the beer as you’re pouring and sipping. Couple that with the top half and you’re in for an intense aromatic experience.

I’m kind of hoping this new glassware catches on. Non-beer-drinking spouses across the country, though, are a bit dubious about the prospect of yet another beer glass in the house.


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