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The perfect transition beer

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Sometimes you hear about a beer and your mouth simply starts to water. That’s most definitely the case for Carton Brewing’s upcoming Intermezzo, a green apple wasabi sour ale. The New Jersey brewery got the inspiration for the beer after tasting a similar concept in sorbet form, which was served as a palate cleanser between courses. The beer, however, serves a broader purpose.

“The beer’s intention is to be a palate cleaner—this wash, to go from the dark, heavy winter beers to light, sprightly summer beers,” says Augie Carton in the video.

The brewing process and attention to ingredient detail is pretty amazing. Carton uses pureed green apples from France to lend a tart mouthfeel and then “dry-hops” it with fresh wasabi root—just enough to add a touch of heat and a revitalizing wasabi perfume to the profile.

This is the kind of stuff that gets me really excited about beer. It’s an example of how genuine inspiration creates amazing conceptual beer. In short, it’s art. The only downside is that the beer’s very limited, draft only and probably won’t last a month after it’s released in May.

“Hopefully it will wake everybody up and they’ll agree that it makes sense as an intermezzo, a cleansing course, and then we’ll all leave it behind and move on to the flavors of summer,” says Carton.

It might be worth making a trip to the Garden State just to give this one a try.


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