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The top 5 things we learned from Jake Leinenkugel’s Reddit AMA

On Summer Shandy, haters and a few new beers.

FirstMonday02, biz, lynn, 1Did you have two hours to spend this afternoon watching former Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company president Jake Leinenkugel answer questions on the internet? Good, I did the hard work for you.

In between lots of “ensuring the brewery stays true to its heritage” and other corporate happyspeak, there were some fun nuggets:

1. No, he didn’t like that Bud ad, either.
In response to a question about his reaction to Budweiser’s Super Bowl commercial that everyone on the Internet saw as “anti-craft,” Jake had this to say:
“I was surprised by the Budweiser ad. Somewhat shocked in that they have recently made some craft purchases. And also I’m a believer that all brewers and all beers are good.”

2. Moving along. Why does Summer Shandy seem to be released earlier and earlier each year?
“We brought Summer Shandy back early because competitors started chasing us early. And it’s also 80 degrees in Arizona, Southern California, and Florida. Plus, we ran out of Cranberry Ginger Shandy six weeks early because it was so well liked.”

3. Speaking of shandies…Get ready for a Stiegl Radler competitor from Leinenkugel’s. 
“Grapefruit Shandy [is] coming March 1. You might even see it now. [We’re] also testing an IPL with local markets.”

4. And to those who say Leinie’s shandies aren’t “real beers”….
“First of all, shandy is a real beer. It was created by Franz Kugler because he was running out of beer (Google it for the full story). They are growing in Germany where they started, and the style was then adopted by the British and Irish. You’re going to find a lot shandy beers especially in the summer. We’re very proud to be the first American brewer to successfully brew and introduce a shandy-style beer. As far as flavor goes, some people do not prefer shandy beers because they do not prefer fruit or citrus.”

5. While he’s at it, Jake just clarifies his whole stance on craft vs. crafty vs. eh-who-cares:
“In my opinion craft beer is in the mind of the beer drinker. I can tell you we’ve been making the highest-quality beers for over 148 years. The majority of our beer drinkers consider us craft. Personally, I don’t care about definitions. I care about great beers.”


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