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This beer is a total gold digger


Last Saturday, I was tossing $100 bills on the barbecue in order to get a strong fire going—I like my Kobe beef with a taste of mint—when a friend told me about a new beer made with real gold. I couldn’t believe it. Here we are in the midst of a near global economic meltdown and someone was making beer with real gold: Last I heard, Glenn Beck was trading gold for, like, $1,500 an ounce. I tossed the last few hundreds into the fire and ducked into my apartment to see if I could Google more info about this crazy beer. I needed to grab more bills for the fire anyway.

Turns out, this is actually happening. In Ostrava, Czech Republic the Zámek Zábřeh brewery hotel produces its Re Golden Lager (named after the Egyptian god of the sun, of course) by request. Each Champagne bottle contains a visible 0.018 grams of gold and roughly 500 bottles have been filled to date.

Check out the video while you’re sipping a totally uncool non-gold beer.

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